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Want to grow your business but don't have the client base?

Toucan Marketing Group will develop an online strategy that works for your business. We promote organic online growth, using a variety of tools for keyword research, backlink building & competitor analysis.

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Toucan Marketing Group is a leading SEO agency.  With the aid of our SEO Agency services, you can drastically improve your organic traffic, boost client conversations and drive exponential business growth. Our results-orientated SEO Agency can propel your business to new heights by leveraging data-driven strategies.
Our strategy covers all features of digital PR including SEO, keyword research & link building not just keyword optimisation to ensure your website gains maximum visibility. Our expert team employ a wide range of on-page SEO strategies such as technical SEO, link building and content strategy to amplify your online presence. We are a reliable SEO agency with a unique approach towards getting your business ranking higher.


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If you are seeking to increase your online traffic, our SEO campaign will help you rank higher in a google search. We are a proficient SEO Agency serving all businesses. We will not only ensure your website gets more local traffic, but we also analyse your competitors and create specialised strategies to make your business stand out.


With our personalised SEO strategies, we collaborate with you to identify the keywords and phrases relevant to your potential customers, optimising your website to achieve higher rankings in search results and greater traffic.


At Toucan Marketing Group we are dedicated to helping businesses to maximise their online presence. As experts in all things digital marketing, we have witnessed the transformative effects it can have on business growth and success.


Our clients frequently come to us for advice on their first SEO campaigns, and we partner with them to build a strong online presence. After seeing the remarkable results they receive; it is evident why investing in a trusted SEO agency is a wise decision.


In addition to offering services such as web design and development, branding, and SEO content creation, our team of skilled experts excel in all aspects of SEO strategies and implementation. This comprehensive approach is tailored to drive your business forward. If your brand could benefit from an online boost we are ready to help you achieve your full potential.


Copywriting, content planning, internal linking, and entity analysis to uncover missing topics and keyword conflicts are part of on-page optimisation. To optimise on-page SEO for your business, our experts will develop a plan.


Website off-page SEO is just as important as visible content. A complete SEO plan includes targeted PR and link development to build relevant backlinks. Our experts will evaluate your backlinks and create an off-page strategy to beat your competitors.


Your website audit will reveal SEO strategy weaknesses and improvements. This insight will help us improve your website's crawlability and structured data to boost search engine rankings.


Local SEO services boost your business's visibility in targeted local search results. This is done by ranking high in organic search results for your services.


For companies that want to be seen more often online, ranking #1 is crucial. About 2.4% of people who see your website in the top ten search results will actually click through to visit it. A massive 28% will click through to your site if it appears in the first result!

If you're looking to increase organic traffic to your website, Toucan Marketing Group can tailor an SEO strategy to your company's unique needs. Our SEO specialists will make sure your content ranks highly in organic search results by understanding the Google algorithm.

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Meet Dan, Co-Founder & CEO

SEO Specialist, Website Designer & Content Creator

Situated in the West Midlands, our SEO agency offers a comprehensive array of services, with a strong emphasis on local SEO. Local SEO is vital for growing local visibility and generating leads for your products and services. By building your local reputation and credibility, you can effectively cater to the needs of your local community.
At Toucan Marketing Group we understand the importance of local customers, which is why our objective is to help your business dominate Google search results. Our team of skilled experts is committed to using a range of SEO Agency strategies to get the best outcomes for your company and amplify your organic website traffic.

Results Driven

We prioritise results. Our strategy begins with an SEO health audit, where we evaluate your site's performance and identify areas for improvement.

We aim for tangible results by keeping you updated and giving a quarterly deep dive.


We promote transparent reporting and strive to make our findings and reports easily understandable. This keeps you updated on our progress.

Our data-driven initiatives, their consequences & their demonstrable results will be clear to you. We build trust and respect by being honest.


We understand that the cost of SEO to a start-up or small business can be daunting. That's why we offer affordable seo packages tailored to your business budget without sacrificing any results or growth.

Your company can benefit from local SEO Services, by increasing its visibility in local search engine rankings. Doing so greatly boosts your website's organic traffic, which in turn raises your business's online visibility. As part of our Local SEO services, we will perform thorough keyword research. We will then incorporate these keywords into your content in order to increase the quantity of organic traffic to your site. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when there is more traffic. More local clients will click on your website if your local business appears more frequently in search engine results for your area. Doing so will greatly enhance the quantity of conversions from customers.


Professional SEO company Toucan Marketing Group is known for its experience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients in many industries. Due to its SEO expertise, Toucan Marketing Group is a trusted partner for businesses looking to grow sustainably online.

As a Professional SEO company, Toucan Marketing Group stands out for our results-driven approach. Every business is unique, thus we spend a lot of time researching and assessing the best SEO methods for each customer. We optimise our clients' websites and drive organic traffic via content creation, backlink building and site design.

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If you're looking for an SEO Agency, choose Toucan Marketing Group. They specialise in online visibility and demographic targeting, creating bespoke plans for each customer.

Toucan Marketing Group improves websites' SERP presence to increase organic traffic for businesses.

Honesty and accountability are paramount at Toucan. We give thorough audits and reports to help our clients measure progress and make educated decisions.


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