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We take great pleasure in being a Coventry SEO Company in a world where proven SEO strategies are sometimes difficult to find. Our strategy is tailored per client, taking into consideration many important factors. Consider a free 30 minute consultation with us to discuss your requirements further. 

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Coventry residents know and trust Toucan Marketing Group for all of their digital marketing needs, including SEO. When it comes to helping businesses increase their visibility online, our committed SEO Company in Coventry is your best bet. We make sure your brand is visible in local search results by focusing on SEO techniques that are tailored to Coventry. Toucan Marketing Group's seasoned SEO experts will develop unique plans to boost your brand's exposure online.

Toucan Marketing Group is more than just an SEO company in Coventry; we're here to help you succeed in the ever-changing digital world. You can trust us to produce quantifiable results, propelling your company to online success.


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Toucan Marketing Group offers search engine optimisation (SEO) services in the Coventry area, so you can dominate local search results and expand your online presence. If you want your online strategy tailored to the complexities of the local market, our Coventry-based SEO company is the group to call.

We take a comprehensive approach to increasing your website's visibility by combining strategic content creation, on-site and off-site optimisation, and keyword research. Your company will achieve a prominent position in search engine results thanks to our devoted SEO specialists who are committed to producing tangible outcomes. When you work with Toucan Marketing Group, you'll take advantage of our history of success in providing Coventry-specific SEO solutions.

In order to boost your online reputation and increase organic traffic to your website, let us handle the complicated SEO on your behalf. To put your company on top of search engine rankings, our Coventry SEO Company aim to produce quantifiable results.

Join forces with Toucan Marketing Group and take advantage of our proven track record in Coventry. Our goal is to simplify SEO for you so that you can boost your website's organic traffic, reputation, and efficiency.


Copywriting, content planning, internal linking, and entity analysis to uncover missing topics and keyword conflicts are part of on-page optimisation. To optimise on-page SEO for your business, our experts will develop a plan.


Website off-page SEO is just as important as visible content. A complete SEO plan includes targeted PR and link development to build relevant backlinks. Our experts will evaluate your backlinks and create an off-page strategy to beat your competitors.


Your website audit will reveal SEO strategy weaknesses and improvements. This insight will help us improve your website's crawlability and structured data to boost search engine rankings.


Local SEO services boost your business's visibility in targeted local search results. This is done by ranking high in organic search results for your services.


We are determined to provide affordable SEO solutions while challenging the industry standard of high SEO costs. Affordable search engine optimisation is a huge step forward in an age where having a digital presence is critical for companies of all kinds.

We are honest and genuinely want to see businesses succeed, and that shows in our commitment to keeping prices low. Clearly, we care more about providing real results that propel our clients' growth and success than we do about making a profit.

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Meet Dan, Co-Founder & CEO

SEO Specialist, Website Designer & Content Creator

We're from Coventry & understand the landscape here. We've worked with clients across varying industries which gives us a good start with most of our clients. Our interests are at the heart of the City, we want businesses to thrive locally & so our local SEO service in Coventry is in your best interest.

Results Driven

We prioritise results. Our strategy begins with an SEO health audit, where we evaluate your site's performance and identify areas for improvement.

We aim for tangible results by keeping you updated and giving a quarterly deep dive.


We promote transparent reporting and strive to make our findings and reports easily understandable. This keeps you updated on our progress.

Our data-driven initiatives, their consequences & their demonstrable results will be clear to you. We build trust and respect by being honest.


We understand that the cost of SEO to a start-up or small business can be daunting. That's why we offer affordable seo packages tailored to your business budget without sacrificing any results or growth.


Your company can benefit from local SEO Services, by increasing its visibility in local search engine rankings. Doing so greatly boosts your website's organic traffic, which in turn raises your business's online visibility. As part of our Local SEO services, we will perform thorough keyword research. We will then incorporate these keywords into your content in order to increase the quantity of organic traffic to your site. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when there is more traffic. More local clients will click on your website if your local business appears more frequently in search engine results for your area. Doing so will greatly enhance the quantity of conversions from customers.

Professional SEO company in Coventry, Toucan Marketing Group is known for its experience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients in many industries. Due to its SEO expertise, Toucan Marketing Group is a trusted partner for businesses looking to grow sustainably online.

As a Professional SEO company, Toucan Marketing Group stands out for our results-driven approach. Every business is unique, thus we spend a lot of time researching and assessing the best SEO methods for each customer. We optimise our clients' websites and drive organic traffic via content creation, backlink building and site design.

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If you're looking for an SEO Agency, choose Toucan Marketing Group. They specialise in online visibility and demographic targeting, creating bespoke plans for each customer.

Toucan Marketing Group improves websites' SERP presence to increase organic traffic for businesses.

Honesty and accountability are paramount at Toucan. We give thorough audits and reports to help our clients measure progress and make educated decisions.


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